True Classic: Media & Account Management Case Study

About True Classic

True Classic, a menswear brand founded by CEO Ryan Bartlett in 2019, has swiftly become a prominent player in the apparel industry. With a focus on fit, fabric quality, and fair pricing, True Classic garnered immense popularity, grossing $250 million in revenue in 2023. In order to optimize their presence on Amazon, True Classic partnered with iDerive, a company specializing in advanced marketplace tools, to enhance their Amazon strategy.

Challenges Faced

True Classic faced several challenges in maximizing their potential on Amazon. These challenges included optimizing pricing strategy, refining advertising efforts, improving creative assets, enhancing keyword selection, integrating video content, and addressing inventory issues. Despite their remarkable growth, there were opportunities for further optimization and efficiency in their Amazon operations.

The iDerive Solution

Within the first month, iDerive optimized inventory, product detail pages, and devised a winning Amazon strategy that syncs with True Classic’s robust DTC site operation. In our first month together, True Classic’s total revenue soared 50% MoM, surpassing previous milestones. Sessions and New To Brand orders jumped 48% and 51%, respectively. We marked their highest non-holiday sales day on Amazon. 

Overall, during their initial 30 days collaborating with iDerive, True Classic experienced an exceptional 99% increase in top-line revenue, even amidst a seasonal decline in the category. This growth was achieved while simultaneously reducing media spend through analysis-driven optimization efforts.

"iDerive has been a game-changer, doubling our top-line growth on Amazon in just one month! Their data-driven media strategies and account management expertise deliver unmatched results.”
Ben Yahalom
President, True Classic

Results iDerive achieved for True Classic in the first 30 days:

Top Line Revenue Growth
0 %
New to Brand (NTB) Orders Increase
0 %
New Sessions
0 %
Lift in Market Share
0 %


Through a data-driven approach and strategic utilization of iDerive analytics, tools, and expert management services, True Classic achieved remarkable growth and optimization within a short timeframe. The collaboration not only resulted in substantial revenue growth but also demonstrated the effectiveness of leveraging iDerive’s ecosystem to maximize brand performance and market share. True Classic’s success story stands as a testament to the power of data-driven decision-making and strategic partnership in navigating the competitive landscape of eCommerce platforms.

About iDerive

iDerive merges insider expertise with advanced marketplace software to fuel scalable and profitable growth for prominent Amazon brands like True Classic, LonoLife, and Therabody. Schedule a call with us today to learn more about our unique approach to eCommerce and the positive impact we’re making for DTC and marketplace sellers every day.

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