Reily Foods: Amazon Co-Op Fee Recovery

About Reily Foods

Reily Foods boasts a rich history and a prominent presence as a major seller on Amazon. It is the parent company of iconic brands such as Luzianne Tea, French Market Coffee, New England Coffee, Blue Plate Mayonnaise, and Swans Down Cake Flour. 


Before joining forces with iDerive, Reily Foods was previously unaware of Amazon co-op billing variances, and the magnitude of the charges they were incurring during their contractual vendor obligations.


Reily Foods chose to utilize iDerive’s Amazon Co-op Fee Recovery Service to streamline its fee auditing process. Utilizing our proprietary AI/ML technology, we conducted a comprehensive analysis that allowed us to identify and recover billing discrepancies, totaling over 5% of their total co-op payments. This resulted in a substantial refund for Reily Foods, providing them with a significant refund of over $180k to reinvest back into their operations.

Recovered Co-Op Billing Variances
0 %
Total Recovered (Thus Far)
$ 0 k+
We were astonished at the amount that iDerive discovered, where we previously never knew a problem existed. The result had a material impact to our bottom line, and we'll be using this service on an ongoing basis.
Paul Saucier
VP of eCommerce

Vendor Co-Op Fee Recovery, Driven by AI

iDerive specializes in automating the recovery of Vendor Co-Op charges, which typically make up 70% of all fees. Our system continuously disputes and recovers these charges, saving countless hours of manual effort. By reinvesting recovered funds back into your business, our service offers a seamless solution that requires minimal intervention from you. Read more about our service by visiting our Amazon Vendor Co-Op Fee Recovery page.

Increase Profits

Claim up to 2% of your COGS going back two years

Save Time

Automate manual reimbursement tracking & case management

Improve Cash Flow

Continuously recover and reinvest funds back into your business

About iDerive

iDerive combines insider expertise with powerful marketplace software, driving scalable and profitable growth for major Amazon brands like True Classic, LonoLife, and Therabody.

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