LonoLife: Advertising Management Case Study

About LonoLife

LonoLife, under the leadership of CEO Jesse Koltes, has emerged as a leading bone broth brand on Amazon, catering to health-conscious consumers in search of convenient and nutritious beverage options. Introduced to iDerive through a referral, LonoLife initially sought our brand/account management services to undertake a comprehensive rebranding effort and address inconsistencies in their listings, with the aim of enhancing customer perceptions and shopping experiences (case study). Impressed by the initial results, LonoLife expanded our partnership to include media management services, opting for a comprehensive management solution. Our advertising management of LonoLife began in February 2024.

LonoLife’s Previous Challenges with Agency-Managed Advertising

LonoLife faced challenges stemming from overly generalized strategies focused primarily on ROAS, while neglecting vital metrics such as share of voice, market share, and organic rank. Their heavy reliance on Amazon DSP, allocating nearly half of their budget to this channel, hindered their ability to maximize search potential. 

iDerive’s Advertising Management Solutions

Through a strategic reallocation of this budget towards paid search, we observed consistent retention rates, alongside promising growth in new-to-brand acquisitions, market share expansion, and organic rank improvements.

Strategic Budget Reallocation

Recognizing the limitations of a heavily DSP-focused approach, we strategically shifted our spend towards paid search. This adjustment not only enhanced campaign efficiency but also significantly increased our overall marketing impact.

Diversified Focus

Instead of fixating solely on ROAS, we broadened our focus to include the growth of organic rank, impression share, and market share. This holistic approach yielded remarkable results, particularly in the expansion of our market share.

Precision Segmentation

Understanding the significance of targeted advertising, we segmented our campaigns to prioritize an Exact Match strategy. This allowed for greater control over our positioning in search results, thereby maximizing relevance and visibility to potential customers.

"We had never had the finance side so well integrated with ads"
Jesse Koltes

The Results (YTD Figures)

Increase in Total Sales
0 %
Brand Purchase Share Growth for "Bone Broth"
0 %
Top-Clicked product for "Bone Broth"
1 st time


Through a data-driven approach and strategic utilization of iDerive analytics, tools, and expert management services, LonoLife has achieved remarkable growth and optimization within a short timeframe. This collaboration has not only resulted in substantial revenue growth but also demonstrated the effectiveness of leveraging iDerive’s ecosystem to maximize brand performance and market share. 

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