LonoLife: Brand Refresh & Account Management Case Study

About LonoLife

LonoLife, led by CEO Jesse Koltes, is a prominent bone broth brand on Amazon, catering to health-conscious consumers seeking convenient and nutritious beverage options. Introduced to iDerive through a referral, LonoLife initially engaged our brand/account management services to initiate a complete rebranding effort and address inconsistent listings, aiming to enhance customer perceptions and shopping experiences. Impressed by the initial results, LonoLife expanded their partnership to include our media management services, opting for a comprehensive management solution.

Previous Challenges

LonoLife faced notable challenges as they strived to become a top seller on Amazon. Their listings, particularly parent listings, lacked clarity regarding flavors and product sizes, leading to a suboptimal shopping experience and hindered new-to-brand sales. Additionally, they invested considerable time in designing new retail packaging had yet to build a cohesive digital presence on the marketplace.

The iDerive Solution

Comprehensive Creative Brand Refresh

Recognizing the importance of consistent branding across all platforms, iDerive devised a comprehensive brand plan for LonoLife, including new photography, video content, and graphic assets to create a cohesive digital identity. First focused on Amazon, this creative overhaul aligned with market research findings, ensuring that LonoLife stood out among competitors with distinctly vibrant and visually appealing content. 
The goal was to communicate the sipping use case with convenience and flavor as the main themes. Each flavor has its own design — a unique challenge we met with a PDP and A+ template that could vary colors to match its respective listing. The main image, arguably the most important for organic and paid performance, was enhanced to include both the package and individual stick packs, to clearly indicate the pour, mix, and sip use case. 
Catalog-wide incorporation of new content included PDP, A+, storefront, and a range of Amazon Sponsored and DSP ads.
Product Detail Page (PDP) Content
A+ Content
Brand Video
Amazon Storefront
Amazon storefront creative content
Amazon Sponsored and DSP Ads
Amazon DSP ad for LonoLife

Catalog Optimization

To streamline the shopping experience, iDerive swiftly reorganized LonoLife’s listings, consolidating various variations onto a single page. This optimization, achieved within a week, significantly enhanced the shopping experience for assortments. This especially supported new-to-brand (NTB) shoppers encountering LonoLife listings for the first time. To improve listing discoverability, iDerive implemented a large amount of research-driven keywords in the frontend and backend, including “bone broth” and “sipping”, using a variety of iDerive strategies and tools.

Combining iDerive Media Management

The content refresh led to noticeable improvements in both organic and paid engagements, setting the stage for LonoLife’s decision to transition to a full-service partnership with iDerive. iDerive assumed control of LonoLife’s media management in February 2024, swiftly delivering revenue gains and cost reductions to enhance profitability and market share. More on that soon!
"LonoLife hired iDerive shortly after completing a major overhaul of our brand identity and packaging. While we had a great new package, we had next to no new visual assets, and we were unsure of how we'd take the new look to market online. iDerive brought the new look to life in a matter of weeks with 100% new PDPs, DSP images, A+ content, and brand videos. Their work has set the LonoLife standard for how we present the new brand."
Jesse Koltes
CEO, LonoLife


iDerive provided a comprehensive solution to LonoLife, revitalizing their digital presence and improving their account performance. Impressed with the results, LonoLife opted for integration of iDerive’s media management services, to further propel growth on Amazon. (Media performance results coming soon.)

About iDerive

iDerive combines insider expertise with powerful marketplace software, driving scalable and profitable growth for major Amazon brands like True Classic, LonoLife, and Therabody. Schedule a call with us today to learn more about our expert- and analytics-driven approach to eCommerce.

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