The Bean Organic Coffee: Full Service Management Case Study

About The Bean

The Bean Coffee Company, a family-owned business, initiated its organic bean sales in 2007 in Southern California. Its rapid expansion included local eateries, community events, and markets across California, leading to the acquisition of a roasting facility in Oceanside, California, in 2008. The aim was to provide organic coffee directly to customers via Amazon and D2C. However, managing an efficient and profitable operation became challenging in an increasingly saturated category, especially on the Amazon marketplace.

Previous Challenges

Before partnering with iDerive, The Bean Coffee Company encountered various hurdles in managing and expanding their business across multiple platforms, including Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, and their wholesale operations. As a small team, they faced bandwidth limitations, hindering their ability to manage and optimize operations effectively. Their pain points included:

  • Ads: Lack of optimized strategy
  • Listings/Creative: Inconsistent shopping experience with non-optimized creative
  • Migration from 1P to 3P: Rampant data contribution issues across their catalog
  • Forecasting: Manual and time-consuming inventory demand planning
  • Analytics: Lack of a centralized data platform to measure omnichannel performance on Amazon, Shopify (D2C), and more

The iDerive Solution: Full Account Management

Even in the saturated ‘Organic’ sub-category, coffee posed significant competition for The Bean.posed significant competition for The Bean. iDerive employed its multidisciplinary team and advanced tools to strategize for ambitious growth, and to capture and retain market share.

Media Management

Focus: High incremental targets to optimize ad strategy 

  • Reducing wasteful spending to improve conversion value.
  • Analysis of media’s impact organic growth, share of shelf, market share 
  • Testing AI day parting (using Amazon Stream, at the time) to refine bid strategies and maximize campaign conversion rates. 
  • Leveraging iDerive platform tools to measure success in organic ranking and utilize competitive insights to analyze targeting opportunities
Account / Ops Management

Focus: Front and backend listings optimizations efforts for improved SEO

  • Keyword-driven bullet, description, and backend alt text improvements
  • SEO optimization with canonical URLs
  • New flavor launches
  • Brand-tailored promotions
  • Coupons / discount management
  • New vs aging inventory management
  • Account Health monitoring
Comprehensive Creative Content Refresh

Focus: Elevate and coordinate the brand experience across content areas

  • Visual refresh of PDP, A+, storefront, and ad media content
  • Creation and incorporation of new photo and video assets
  • Utilization of new assets on Amazon and other channels, including D2C site

The Results: 07/23-04/24

The Bean Organic Coffee Company improved their Amazon Best Seller Rank in the “Coffee” Category from 200 to 84 during this period, enhancing their top 100 seller status among competitive players. They also received “Amazon’s Choice” for their popular decaf offering. 

Top Line Revenue Growth
0 %
New to Brand (NTB) Orders Increase
0 %
New Sessions
0 %
Lift in Market Share
0 x
"Partnering with iDerive has been a game-changer for The Bean Coffee Company. We are now better equipped to manage and grow our business across multiple platforms, allowing us to focus on what we do best – providing high-quality coffee to our customers."
Craig Leslie
President & VP of eCommerce, The Bean

Creative Refresh Examples

PDP Content
amazon PDP custom creative content
A+ Content
Amazon Storefront


With iDerive’s continued support, The Bean Coffee Company overcame systemic issues from their 1P to 3P migration and significantly enhanced their Amazon funnel, from ads and listings to conversions and tracked optimization efforts. Using our iDerive platform, inventory planning has been streamlined, saving time and resulting in tighter coordination between data and production efforts in line with consumer demand.

About iDerive

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