AMC Dashboard Suite (Beta)


Considering AMC for your Amazon business, but don’t know how to implement it? We've got you.


Four innovative dashboards that remove roadblocks of query management through automation and provide intuitive tools for accessing insights that drive incremental growth. Includes white-glove activation and on-demand guidance from our team of AMC experts.

Audience Insights

Gain valuable audience segment insights to Identify Top Performers

Customer Journey

Gain deep customer journey insights and eliminate non-converting touch points

Cost and Profit Optimization

Reduce new to brand acquisition costs and increase purchase rates

AMC New to Brand Overview

New to Brand Overview

Everything you need to measure your media spend impact on NTB customers:

  • Track NTB growth across comprehensive KPIs
  • Measure NTB vs repeat purchases
  • Measure campaign outcomes with improved accuracy
AMC Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Understand most profitable customer journeys:

  • Analyze your customers’ buying journey to enhance campaign performance
  • Identify popular paths customers followed on and off site before purchasing on Amazon
  • Move beyond fixed attribution models to accurately credit campaigns across the sales funnel
AMC Audience Segment

Audience Segmentation

Measure and optimize campaigns based on your customers’ time to convert:

  • Evaluate DSP audiences based on your brand’s KPIs
  • Understand which audiences are driving the greatest ROAS, NTB purchases, and overall purchases
AMC Time to Conversion

Time to Conversion

Measure and optimize campaigns based on your customers’ time to convert:

  • Understand your conversion attribution windows by campaign
  • Optimize campaign and promotion durations to maximize sales


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