iDerive Analytics Platform

Dashboards and tools that uncover all aspects of your Amazon and omnichannel operations, leading to next-best actions that optimize performance, reduce costs, and scale profits.

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Built For and By Brand managers

Built by Amazon and omnichannel brand managers who needed to transcend common tools, even those claiming “advanced insights,” our platform harnesses unparalleled scale, speed, and precision to aggregate sales and marketing data in one place. Delving deeper than ever before, our platform offers time-saving insights into category performance, search term saturation, customer value, product sales drivers, and much more. 

“We needed unmatched analytics capabilities to offer the competitive insights our team and clients were after. It didn’t exist, so we built it."
Youval Perltier
Founder, CEO

Centralize Your Data

Sync in all your important data for non-deprecating storage

Receive Instant Actionable Insights

Save manual time and access your next important next steps

Intuitively Measure Performance

View performance data in ways 
that you can actually understand


Data-Driven Insights for Elevated Results

Shine a light on all aspects of your business with unprecedented detail, to speed up decision making that leads to profit-impacting results.

amazon KPIs

Access Vital KPIs to Determine Your Performance Drivers

Get instant reads on BuyBox %, In-Stock statuses, Pricing, Traffic, Sales from Ads, Sales Velocity, as well as breakdowns on sales variance—the external/internal factors impacting your product growth.

Understand Your New and Returning Customer Value

iDerive LTV models capture ASIN-level acquisition costs and lifetime value using both an acquisition month in a time-bound cohort and a product-level view. This helps brands understand which products are playing crucial roles in their product ecosystem.

Gain Insight into Market
and Category Trends

Understand your category dynamics, external/internal performance drivers, and conduct reverse ASIN and search term research to optimize media targeting to your highest value products. Dominate your category with the most competitive data possible.

Master Your Finances and Operations

Whether its P&L trend analysis, Amazon cost breakdowns, or ASIN-specific performance—get instant access to the crucial financial aspects of your business to optimize costs and boost margins.

iDerive Services

Combine & Analyze Omnichannel Data

Seamlessly consolidate all your sales channel and ad data into one data warehouse. Understand where to focus your efforts across the board.


Want to Learn More about our Analytics?

Chat with us for 15 minutes to discover how iDerive improves insights and decision-making speeds with our proprietary marketplace software.

Important Update:

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