Automated Amazon Vendor Fee Recovery

Our automated service seamlessly identifies and resolves costly Amazon co-op charges, saving you value time while refunding money to reinvest back into your business.

Amazon automated vendor fee recovery

Increase Profits

Claim up to 2% of your COGS going back two years

Save Time

Automate manual reimbursement tracking & case management

Improve Cash Flow

Continuously recover and reinvest funds back into your business


Boost Profits with Recovered Funds

iDerive specializes in automating the recovery of Vendor Co-Ops fees, which typically make up 70% of all fees. Our system continuously disputes and recovers these fees, saving countless hours of manual effort. By reinvesting recovered funds back into your business, our service offers a seamless solution that requires minimal intervention from you. 

"With iDerive, not only did we find a trusted partner, but we also unlocked hidden value in our Amazon operations, recovering an impressive 1.9% of our COGS. Their automation and expertise transformed our challenges into opportunities."
astral brands malia leong
Malia Leong
Marketplace Director, Astral Brands


Automate Your Fee Recovery

Book a quick demo to see how we can save you time and boost profits by automating co-op fee recovery for your Amazon Vendor account.

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