Understanding your Brand’s Amazon Market Share

Gain Market Share Insights with Reverse ASIN Search


In the vast expanse of Amazon’s global marketplace, it’s essential to understand your brand market share. Which of your listings rank higher than others in your catalog? How do they compare to other competitor listings? Start answering these questions and more by understanding Amazon market share and iDerive’s Reverse ASIN – Search Market Share advanced insights.

Once Upon a Time…

Seller and Vendor Brand Owners could not imagine a world in which Amazon would share the most powerful dataset containing both paid and organic traffic and customer behavior metrics—until the day Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) was born. Note: We will discuss Search Query Performance (SQP)—its search term data specific to your catalog, and how iDerive enriches it—in a forthcoming article.

Why is this so important?

Well before ABA, brands relied solely on 3rd party channels to estimate crucial metrics such brand market share. Today, most customers (over 60% by the latest estimates) begin their product search on Amazon, so understanding customer search behavior on Amazon is a must-have. Today, brands get weekly data from Amazon to update them with game-changing insights including market share, ASIN share, keyword share, click share, and conversion share.

Understanding Amazon Market Share

Amazon Market Share = the proportion of sales your brand accounts for within a specific category. For instance, if your brand offers handmade leather bags and your sales represent 5% of the total in that category, then that’s your Amazon Market Share.

Reverse ASIN Search Explained

Available exclusively to brands registered with Amazon, Reverse ASIN Search in AMA lets sellers discover all search terms associated with a specific ASIN to understand

  • Category Potential – The sales potential in your category in terms of volume and competition vying for it.
  • Category Trends – How search terms change over time.
  • Product Listing Strategy – Keywords tailored to high-ranking search terms to boost visibility and conversions.

The Payoff

By discerning top-ranking search terms, brands can enhance their listings or even pioneer new products to capture more market share. 

Amazon Reverse ASIN Search
Performing reverse ASIN search in Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA)

Leveraging Amazon Brand Analytics for Reverse ASIN Research

Amazon’s Search Analytics facilitates Reverse ASIN searches, offering:

  • Search Catalog Performance – Insights into customer interactions with your products during their search journey.
  • Search Query Performance – Identifies queries that bring customers to your products.
  • Top Search Terms – Recognizes the top 3 clicked products and their details, shedding light on Amazon trends.

However, brands will find it limiting when investigating how their performance is trending over time on an individual product/ASIN level.


In iDerive, view the exact search terms driving traffic to your ASINs.

The Better Approach: Leveraging iDerive for Reverse ASIN Research

iDerive Improves Reverse ASIN Searches

iDerive provides additional granularity into individual product performance over time. Unlike with Amazon, for each ASIN you can view exact search terms performance, including your 

  • Count – How many weeks you made it into the top 3 search results and the exact terms
  • Click Share – What clicks you are capturing (and by that, your competition’s)
  • Conversion Share – Clicks that translate into purchases
  • Search Frequency – Ranking in market share

Interpreting the Data

Evolving consumer behavior and Amazon’s dynamic algorithms necessitate regular performance reviews. The Reverse ASIN – Search Market Share tool helps identify gaps in your marketing strategy, including:

  • Competitor Assessment – Anticipate where the competition is dominating by looking at your listings with low market share performance (=high for competition)
  • Listing Optimization – If you are noticing a lower low conversion share, review your listing elements to improve conversion rate. This includes product images/videos, bullet points, description, and A+ content that make purchase more compelling.
  • Advertising Strategy – Reduce wasteful spend, such as avoiding sponsoring listings that are already performing well organically in search, to improve your overall ad performance.
  • Product Mix – Adjust your product mix by removing and/or adding products and variations that will better meet searches for your products

While Amazon’s dashboards are helpful in your brand’s market share research, iDerive’s tools like Reverse ASIN – Search Market Share empowers brands with greater actionable insights. As the adage goes, knowledge is not just power but profit. Empower your brand’s journey on Amazon with iDerive.

Elevate your Amazon Strategy with iDerive

To truly thrive on Amazon, understanding your market share is paramount. For insights that transcend traditional metrics, brands turn to iDerive. Ready for the next level? Get in touch with iDerive today.

What is Amazon Market Share?

It refers to the percentage of sales a brand has within a specific category on Amazon.

How does the Reverse ASIN Search tool work?

Exclusive to registered Amazon brands, it allows sellers to identify all keywords a specific product (ASIN) ranks for.

How does iDerive go beyond Amazon Brand Analytics?

iDerive provides additional granularity on an individual product-level to better gauge performance over time.

How do I gain an upper hand in market share?

Performing a reverse ASIN lookup, brands can optimize their product listings, strategize advertisements, and capitalize on untapped sales opportunities.

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