Amazon ASIN SQP Inspector

Unlocking Search Query Performance Insights

Amazon sellers often grapple with questions about their brand’s visibility and customer engagement on Amazon. Questions like: Are there any Amazon datasets that show both paid and organic performance of search terms? What are the most popular terms that customers use to find my products? How can I measure the impact of my off-Amazon marketing on my Amazon branded search volume? The powerful Amazon Search Query Performance (SQP) report encapsulates answers to all these and more.

The ASIN SQP Inspector is a powerful tool for deciphering the intricacies of product visibility and consumer engagement for your brand on Amazon. Today, we’re happy to share iDerive’s Amazon ASIN SQP Inspector, designed to empower sellers with comprehensive insights into individual product performance. To see for yourself, book a demo with us today.

Product-Level SQP Granularity

ASIN, Amazon’s term for a unique product identifier, and SQP, the acronym for Search Query Performance, are pivotal in understanding individual product performance. The SQP report, part of Amazon Brand Analytics within Seller Central, is available to all brand-registered 3P Sellers but not to 1P Vendors. Our ASIN SQP Inspector leverages this data, allowing sellers to dissect search metrics like volume and relevance at an unparalleled granular level.

At the heart of our ASIN SQP Inspector lies the ability to dive deep into the performance of each individual ASIN. This allows sellers to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities across key search metrics such as search volume, relevance, and purchase share. This brings a whole new level of insight into what drives customer engagement for certain products.

Streamlined Data Filters and Charts

Navigating through Amazon’s segmented platforms—Seller Central, Brand Analytics, and Amazon Advertising—can be daunting due to their separate logins and siloed data. Our inspector simplifies this complexity by integrating these platforms, offering dynamic charting and customizable features that transform raw data tables into actionable insights. This integration reveals under-invested but high-potential search terms, guiding sellers on where to allocate advertising budgets to maximize returns.

While Amazon provides SQP data, downloading and navigating through weekly raw reports can be daunting and time-consuming. Our inspector streamlines this process by consolidating the historical data and offering intuitive filters and dynamic charting capabilities. Users can effortlessly select specific dates, products, and search terms, and then visualize purchase share changes over time. With just a few clicks, sellers can identify trends, assess the impact of advertising spend, and make informed decisions to optimize their product visibility and performance.

Actionable Recommendations for Growth

Armed with comprehensive insights from our ASIN SQP Inspector, sellers can take proactive steps to maximize their product’s potential on Amazon. Whether reallocating advertising budgets based on search query performance or refining product listings to better align with high-volume search terms, our inspector empowers sellers to make data-driven decisions that drive tangible results. By capitalizing on opportunities and mitigating challenges, sellers can unlock new avenues for growth and stay ahead of the competition.

Our tool not only provides insights but also empowers sellers with actionable recommendations. By analyzing the volume and trends of metrics such as purchase share, sellers can adjust their strategies to align more closely with high-volume search terms, enhancing product listings and optimizing advertising spend. We have successfully implemented this approach with brands like Solaray, The Bean Coffee Company, and LonoLife, among others, and are prepared to share these case studies to illustrate our impact.

Final Thoughts

Harnessing the power of the ASIN SQP Inspector and the comprehensive SQP Dashboard allows Amazon sellers to navigate the complexities of the marketplace with confidence, optimize their advertising strategies, and drive significant growth. These tools are more than just data processors; they are gateways to strategic insights that can revolutionize how sellers interact with the Amazon ecosystem.

By leveraging the power of search query performance data, sellers can gain a competitive edge, optimize advertising strategies, and drive growth on Amazon like never before. With the forthcoming release of our brand-level SQP Dashboard, sellers can look forward to even broader insights and enhanced capabilities. 

Our newly available SQP Dashboard further broadens the insights available to sellers, enhancing capabilities beyond the individual product level to encompass brand-wide analytics. This dashboard is part of the iDerive platform, now accessible for a free consultation, and is included at no additional charge for full-service customers through our straightforward, month-to-month agreements.

About iDerive

iDerive empowers brands like True Classic, LonoLife, and Therabody with advanced marketplace tools, achieving remarkable growth, such as Solaray’s 412% increase in purchase rates. Unlock your profit growth potential on Amazon and beyond. Book a demo with us today.

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