iDerive Client Spotlight: True Classic Tees

Making the Tee Connection

During our first meeting with the co-founders of True Classic, we hit it off due to our data-driven approach and mutual interest in optimizing Amazon in an omnichannel context. As a fan of True Classic and their “elevated basics” tees, which I wear every day, I was thrilled to be a part of their growing presence in the apparel industry.

True Classic Background

True Classic is a men’s wear brand that was founded in 2019 by CEO Ryan Bartlett. His focus on fit, fabric, and fair pricing, along with his digital marketing expertise, has propelled the brand from a $3,000 investment to $100 million in just two years, establishing True Classic as a lean and profitable player in the market. The company has achieved remarkable growth and grossed $250 million in revenue in 2023. With Amazon Prime fulfillment, they are just getting started. During my time at Amazon HQ, I have seen few apparel companies match True Classic’s rapid ascension.

Overcoming Challenges

We have been working together on various aspects such as pricing strategy, Amazon advertising, creating better assets, selecting enhanced keywords, adding videos, and addressing inventory issues. Our efforts have resulted in a saving of $70k+ in the first month, and we expect to see continued savings as we explore more marketplace opportunities. With these successes, we’re establishing a stronger foundation for True Classic’s continued growth in the market.

Initial Weeks (Jan - February 2024)

In our first month together, True Classic’s total revenue soared 50% MoM, surpassing previous milestones. Sessions and New To Brand orders jumped 48% and 51%, respectively. We optimized inventory, product detail pages, and devised a winning Amazon strategy that integrates with their DTC channel operation. On Feb 18, we marked their highest non-holiday sales day on Amazon. Overall, True Classic has enjoyed 99% record-breaking top line revenue growth in 30 days.

"iDerive has been a game-changer, doubling our top-line growth on Amazon in just one month! Their data-driven media strategies and account management expertise deliver unmatched results.”
Ben Yahalom

iDerive and True Classic Collaboration

Our joint efforts have included pricing strategy, creative assets, enhanced keywords, video additions, and addressing inventory issues. Inventory cost reduction opportunities saved $70k+ the first month, with large, continual savings expected. As we leverage additional marketplace opportunities, True Classic’s success story continues to unfold.

Be sure to catch iDerive at the Las Vegas Prosper Show (March 4), where we are hooking up attendees with True Classic tees.

About iDerive

iDerive empowers brands like True Classic, LonoLife, and Therabody with advanced marketplace tools, achieving remarkable growth, such as Solaray’s 412% increase in purchase rates. Unlock your profit growth potential on Amazon and beyond. Book a demo with us today.

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