Mastering Customer Lifetime Value for Amazon Seller Success

"Brands agree customer LTV is important; yet they lack the ability to harness its true potential." Youval Peltier (CEO/Co-Founder of iDerive)


The Power of LTV for your Business

Knowing the Lifetime Value (LTV) of a customer is a pivotal metric for any business selling on Amazon. LTV refers to the total amount of money a customer is expected to spend on your products throughout their lifetime. This metric provides numerous insights and can directly improve your selling strategies on Amazon in various ways, including

  • Resource Allocation: By understanding LTV, sellers can determine how much to invest in customer acquisition and retention. If the LTV is high, it justifies spending more on acquiring and retaining new customers.

  • Pricing Strategy: Knowing the LTV allows you to optimize your pricing. For instance, you might offer discounts or bundle deals to new customers to increase their initial purchase, knowing they’ll generate more profit in the long run. 

  • Product Recommendations: Amazon’s “frequently bought together” feature is a powerful tool. With a clear understanding of LTV, sellers can strategically bundle or promote products that not only drive immediate sales but also increase the lifetime spend of each customer. 

  • Inventory Management: An accurate LTV can give insights into how often and how many products a customer might consumer over their lifetime. This can help in making informed decisions about stock level management. 

  • Tailored Marketing: With insights from LTV, sellers can create targeted marketing campaigns for different segments of their customer base. For example, high LTV customers might receive exclusive deals or early access to new products.  

  • And much more. 

An accurate understanding of LTV provides Amazon sellers with a holistic view of their customers’ behavior. This enables them to make strategic decisions to maximize profits, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure sustainable growth. 

Change the game with iDerive

While we all agree Lifetime Value (LTV) is one of the strongest determinants of success for Amazon sellers, Amazon gives little understanding via its data on how to develop your offerings and marketing strategies without time-consuming report creation. iDerive streamlines analysis, cutting through the hassle of report compilation, and offers you insightful dashboards rooted in data, for more rapid decision making that impacts your business. 

Users find LTV by Acquisition Monthly and LTV by Acquisition Product in the Amazon 3P dropdown section: 

View LTV trends month-over-month

LTV by Acquisition Monthly evaluates specific time-cohorts to pinpoint when Amazon users transition to your customers. This perspective streamlines a brand’s grasp of customer purchase patterns and highlights monthly shifts in customer value. Note this is a precise view of customer activity based on granular data (not approximations), available for viewing with or without Subscribe-and-Save (SNS) purchases. 

Product LTV is an incredibly insightful into your consumer behavior. 

LTV by Acquisition Product categorizes your customers into four distinct segments, providing insights into the products that yield the most value over time – a feature unique to iDerive 

  • Acquired Customers by Product — Initial products that introduce your brand to customers. 


  • Repeat Rate by Product — Products ranked by repurchase frequency, highlighting what consistently draws customers back.  


  • Average Order Value (AOV) — Products categorized by their AOV.  


  • Highest Overall LTV — Products recognized for their pinnacle lifetime value.

Unlock your Brand’s Potential on Amazon with iDerive

The importance of truly understanding your customer’s Lifetime Value (LTV) cannot be overstated. Brands that seek clarity turn to iDerive, which provides insights that go beyond the traditional analysis possible in most companies. 

“A game-changer for Amazon success. In just six weeks, my sales are up 15% (MoM).  This isn’t luck; it’s iDerive’s magic at work.” 

Craig Leslie
VP, Director of Ecommerce
The Bean Coffee Company

if you’re ready to elevate your brand’s performance on Amazon, or simply have questions about how iDerive can benefit you, reach out to us today. Let’s uncover the insights that drive your next level of success. 

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