Mastering Market Search Term Trends on Amazon

"While ACOS and ROAS metrics and targets are important, iDerive focuses on deeper drivers of long-term growth on Amazon for organic rank." Harriet Carson – VP of Media, iDerive

Groundbreaking Tool for Understanding Amazon Market Dynamics

iDerive’s Market Search Term Trends dashboard is at the forefront of modern Amazon strategy, offering advanced and intuitive insights into top Amazon search terms and competitor market share. Here’s a closer look at what it can achieve for your growth.

Going Beyond Superficial Targets

Most agencies today focus on and target ACOS or ROAS goals. While these metrics are undeniably useful, they often overshadow equally crucial elements that determine long-term growth, such as the organic rank. Simply put, organic rank is the position where your product or brand appears when a relevant keyword is searched. The higher the organic rank, the more visible your product is. 

Improving Organic Rank
So, as brands invest more in keywords, do they become more findable organically? Do they migrate from the shadows of page

8 to the limelight of page 1? The Market Search Term Trends dashboard seeks to answer these pressing questions. 

Amazon Brand Analytics - Top Search Terms


What you can Measure in Amazon Brand Analytics – Top Search Terms

Amazon’s Brand Analytics offers a Top Search Terms Report. This report ranks search terms based on their popularity on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarterly basis. 
Looking at Week 24, “fathers day gifts” is a top search term, as purchases are being made ahead of the June 16th holiday. Furthermore, users can check on the top selling ASINs for that or any given search term. In this case, the “Hey Dude Men’s Wally Sox” was a top selling ASIN. Navigate to another non-Holiday week, and you will see evergreen search terms like “airpods” or “batteries”. 


How to View Trends Over Time

Brands face a daunting task of manually downloading and processing Amazon data every week to monitor trending data around search frequency rank, which gives true insights into changes in search terms and their corresponding top selling products. This manual labor could take days, resulting in outdated strategies and missed opportunities. 


The Solution: iDerive’s Market Search Term Trends


Addressing this challenge head-on, Market Search Term Trends offers the same report but allows users to view all weeks over the course of a year, and the top 1.5 million search terms, making a process that would take days lighting quick. 



iDerive's Market Sarch Term Trends is Amazon Brand Analytics on Steroids

Market Search Term Trends: What it Does

💊 Are you familiar with Berberine, the weight loss supplement? Its jump from obscurity in March to the 79th top term on Amazon by June 2023 speaks volumes about rapid shifts in the Amazon marketplace . Ever wonder how brands track such trends?

iDerive’s dashboard offers more than mere search frequency insights. It visualizes trends of click and conversion share by product title in intuitive bar graphs. By toggling back and forth, brands can identify top competitors and monitor market dynamics, uncovering opportunities to gain a market foothold / advantage. Brands and products phase in and out, indicating the shifting marketplace in favor of those who are most competitive with pricing, ad spend, and other factors. 


iDerive platform showing click share over time for competitors and their products


Use-Cases for Market Search Term Trends:

  • Evaluate and dominate categories: Research which search terms to target for an increase in voice / market share.
  • Determine product pack size: For brands looking to launch a product and uncertain about product sizing or pack quantity, this tool can be an eye-opener. Take a hypothetical indie soda company selling only 6 packs on Amazon. By using the dashboard, they can deduce which pack sizes, for instance ’12oz soda cans’, are most more popular and adapt their launch and/or product evolution accordingly. 
  • Analyze Campaign Impact: Understanding how your spend for specific keywords / search terms is impacting your total market share, to determine if you are over or underspending.
  • Understand Consistency: Determine how saturated and consistent the brand share is for keywords


By merging Amazon Brand Analytics data with iDerive’s advanced analytical capabilities, Market Search Term Trends offers brands a crystal-clear vision into the ever-changing market landscape. With its aid, brands can make informed decisions, optimize their offerings, and climb the organic ranks. 

Unlock your Brand’s Potential on Amazon with iDerive

The importance of truly understanding your market search term strategy cannot be overstated. Brands that seek clarity turn to iDerive, which provides insights that go beyond the traditional analysis to achieve long-term growth. If you’re ready to elevate your brand’s performance on Amazon, or simply have questions about how iDerive can benefit you, reach out to us today.  

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