Top Five Data Gaps in Amazon Brand Strategies


In this video, I’ll discuss the five common data gaps in Amazon brand strategies. I’ll cover topics such as New-To-Brand Metrics for sponsors, trending volume search, ad spend cannibalization organic versus paid, best sellers rank, and organic rank. I’ll provide insights and examples to help you understand these gaps and how they can impact your brand’s performance on Amazon. By the end of this video, you’ll have a better understanding of these data gaps and how to address them to optimize your Amazon brand strategy.

Gap #1 - New-To-Brand Metrics for Sponsored Products

The Gap: Amazon provides New-to-Brand (NTB) metrics for Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand campaigns, but Sponsored Products are left out. Accessing NTB metrics for Sponsored Products requires entry into Amazon’s Marketing Cloud, creating a barrier to obtaining a holistic campaign view.

iDerive steps in to bridge this gap by seamlessly integrating NTB metrics from Amazon Marketing Cloud into its platform. This enhancement allows users to gain a comprehensive overview of all campaign types, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. With this data, brands can easily discern the NTB order percentage for each campaign type, streamlining their ability to identify campaigns that attract new customers and optimize them for success.

Gap #2 - Trending Volume Search

The Gap: Amazon’s Brand Analytics tool permits brands to uncover top search terms weekly but lacks the capability to visualize keyword trends over time.

iDerive addresses this issue by granting access to a historical database featuring the top one million search terms on Amazon from the past two years. Brands can track specific keyword trends on a weekly basis, offering invaluable insights into when their products or categories experience peak demand. This data empowers brands to make informed strategic decisions

Gap #3 - Ad Spend Cannibalization - Organic vs. Paid

The Gap: Brands often struggle to ascertain the impact of ad spend on organic search volume and sales, making it difficult to optimize advertising budgets effectively.

iDerive steps in to provide a solution by offering brands the ability to visualize the correlation between ad spend and organic sales at the product level. This feature enables brands to make data-driven decisions on budget allocation, ensuring maximum impact without risking ad spend cannibalization.

Gap #4. Media Spend and Best Sellers Rank Correlation

The Gap: Amazon provides data on best sellers rank and media spend but lacks a straightforward method to determine their correlation.

iDerive’s platform offers a streamlined view of media spend trends alongside best sellers rank within specific subcategories. This enables brands to easily identify how adjustments in ad spend influence their rank, facilitating informed decisions regarding budget allocation for individual products.

Gap #5 - Measuring Organic Search Results

The Gap: Brands face difficulties in tracking their organic search results and understanding the impact of ad spend on their organic rank on Amazon.

iDerive offers a comprehensive solution for tracking organic search results. Brands can closely monitor their organic rank for specific keywords and observe how changes in ad spend affect their placement on Amazon’s search results page. Armed with this information, brands can fine-tune their advertising strategies to enhance organic visibility.


In summary, these five data gaps can pose significant obstacles to the success of Amazon brand strategies. However, the iDerive platform presents robust solutions that empower brands to make data-driven decisions, optimize their advertising efforts, and ultimately drive top-line growth on Amazon.

If you find yourself grappling with these data gaps within your Amazon strategy, consider reaching out to iDerive for a demo to unleash the full potential of your e-commerce endeavors.

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